Meet Buddy, our handsome, energetic 2-year-old Blue Merle, 62lbs. and neutered

Hi, I’m Buddy! Hey, my name is Buddy. Oh, sorry, did I repeat myself? I just get excited kind of easily. So, like I said, my name is Buddy and I’m looking for my furever home.

I had a home once, but my human decided he didn’t want me and left me out in the country. I waited for him but he didn’t come back. A nice lady stopped to see me a couple of times every day to make sure I was OK, and after three days she decided to bring me back to her house. She and her husband were really nice to me and gave me food and a place to sleep. They took me to the vet and made sure I was up-to-date on everything. The vet also says he “fixed me.” I’m not sure exactly what he did because I fell asleep just before it happened, but I guess I’m “fixed” and all better now!

Unfortunately, these nice humans travel a lot and couldn’t keep me. Then the people at Central Aussie Rescue found me an awesome foster home. But now I really want to live some place I know I’ll be able to stay forever!

I will get in my kennel but I don’t really like it, so my foster humans let me have my own room. It has toys and bones and I even have my own couch (really, this foster gig isn’t too bad!). I have three foster brothers and sisters (Canine friends) and we also have a great big fenced backyard that we all get to play in. My new home will need a fenced yard, too. I also have some kitty foster siblings, but they don’t seem to like me ☹

My foster parents say I’d probably be better off someplace without cats or other small furry critters. They also think I’m too rambunctious for a family with younger children. I’d probably herd them too much. I’m really good at herding – just ask my foster Dad! I try to herd him every time we go outside. He’d prefer I stop nipping at his ankles. I try really hard to remember that but sometimes I forget, though I remember as soon as someone corrects me.

Speaking of smart, I have good recall, can Sit and Shake, and I’m getting pretty good at Down.  Leash walking is a new concept but I’ve been walking with my foster siblings a lot and getting the hang of it. I’m big for my breed, at 62lbs, but I’m getting lots of exercise now. I definitely need an experienced, firm leader to continue with my training and exercise.

Speaking of breed, did you see my awesome fluffy tail?  My foster Mom’s a groomer so she’s worked hard to get me cleaned up. I look pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

I’m extremely loyal and will be right by your side everywhere you go. I’ll share everything with you – your drink, food, space, pillow, and more. If it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me! Did I mention I like to go everywhere you go? That includes car rides. I try to get in the car every time the garage door is open. Sometimes I jump in the window if it’s down and bark to let my humans know I’m ready. Usually they make me get out but if I’m really lucky, my foster Dad takes me for a Jeep ride. It’s big, loud and cool, just like me.

I’m pretty high energy at times but  also have a sweet lovable side, and I give the best, big, wet sloppy kisses ever! If I sound like the kind of “buddy” you’d like to have around, I’d love to meet you.

Buddy is neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations (rabies, distemper, Bordetella) and was heartworm tested (negative).  He’s also micro-chipped.

My adoption fee is $290.00. Buddy is being fostered in the Kansas City area.

Please sure to visit our website at centralaussierescue.org and read our FAQ’S to make sure you are a candidate to adopt with us. On the same site you will find the adoption agreement.

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