Mini Australian Shepherd

Male |8 months – 1 year | 25 pounds | Double Merle | Deaf + Blind

Good with: dogs, kids | Cats: questionable


Watch out: Disco is about to steal your heart! This little guy is a typical friendly, playful, energetic Aussie who looooves his people. He also is deaf and blind — and that doesn’t stop Disco!

We need to thanks all of our amazing supporters who donated to Disco’s Ophthalmology surgery. Disco’s cryoepilation of the upper eyelid (left eye) was a success! This procedure will stop the misdirected hair follicles that was causing Disco daily eye irritations. It will not improve his vision, however help him live a pain free life! So thank you again!

Now he is ready for his amazing forever home!

Disco made his way to Central Aussie from a shelter in Texas, where he was found as a stray. We don’t know about Disco’s life before the shelter, except that he likely came from a breeder (double merles are a product of bad breeding practices). Somebody was looking out for this happy-go-lucky guy, though. Everyone he meets is a friend!

In fact, Disco is one of the cheeriest, friendliest pups you’ll find. He loves being a part of the family and is excited to be where his people are. He is so happy to be pet and snuggled and know that his people are close. After he mapped the layout of his foster home — which didn’t take long — Disco became an expert at following his foster family around the house. He likes to lean up against his people’s legs to feel that they’re right there with him. If he loses track of his two-legged friends, he is an expert at sniffing and sensing where they are.


Like most Aussies, Disco needs lots of exercise and jobs to keep him busy. He loves to run, play, and DANCE! He’s a big fan of chew toys, tug and playing with the dog who shares his foster home. He’s becoming a pro at walking on a leash, and if you saw him on a walk, you’d never guess he couldn’t see. His foster family is experimenting with toys that flash or light up (he can see some light and movement), and we think he’s catching on. His favorite way to eat dinner is from his Kong Wobbler, which dispenses a few pieces of kibble at time as he nudges and chases it. He’s one smart cookie and would no doubt enjoy other puzzles, too. Because he has all that Aussie puppy energy, Disco also will take himself on runs and spins in parts of the house or yard that he knows are clear and safe. Sometimes this looks like dancing; other times it looks like he’s running laps. It’s just one more way he likes to get his energy out!


Disco is a big sweetheart and would do great in a home with kids that are old enough to understand and respect his limitations. He likes having another doggo to play with and would be very happy in a home with a canine mentor and playmate. Though he shares his foster home with a cat, he gets very excited to play with his feline friend and may be too rough for some kitties.


Despite his limitations, Disco can hear high pitches and see some light and movement. With his combination of energy, intelligence and ability, Disco will be a challenging and rewarding part of the right family. He is one smart, cheerful pup, and with patience, consistency and creativity, he will live a happy, fulfilled life!


Disco is up-to-date on on his vaccination of Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. He was heartworm tested (negative) and fecal tested (negative). Disco is microchipped and takes monthly preventives for heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. He is being fostered in St. Louis, Missouri.


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    1. Hi Eileen –

      Disco had his eye surgery, which was a success! He is back to taking applications!! Please consider completing one (found here on our website) if you have not yet.

      Looking forward to receiving your application!

      The CARS Team

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