Meet Elsa! She’s a 3.5 year old blue merle Border Collie female. She might not be an aussie but she is the sweetest, most lovable border collie around!

Elsa is just an absolute doll. She would like nothing more than to cuddle, lick your face and play ball all day. Literally, all day. This girl lives for ball. She is fantastic at fetch and will bring you a ball to throw for as long as you are willing – and then some! She is a true border collie in that she does need a fair bit of mental and/or physical activity or she will start to find her own ways to entertain herself. But if you can give this adorable girl the activity she needs, you will find yourself with the cuddliest, sweetest dog you’ve ever met. 

Now, unfortunately this sweet girl has epilepsy. With Elsa, this presents itself in the form of a cluster of short seizures about once every 3-4 weeks. These seizures can be scary, but don’t be afraid! This certainly doesn’t slow Elsa down! This condition is very manageable and with the right drugs, Elsa is expected to live a full and joyful life. It does mean that she will need to continue on her meds and supplements and should be crated when left alone. 

Miss Elsa is fantastic with other dogs and small children but has not been tested with cats. She’s spayed and up to date on all vaccines. She’s being fostered in the Mid-Missouri area. 

Don’t let this sweet girl slip through your fingers!


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