Indigo is a very handsome Miniature Aussie. He has a gorgeous blue merle coat and two ice blue eyes. He weighs around 26 pounds. Still a young guy at just 1-year-old with his whole life ahead of him. This sweet and sensitive guy is looking for a compassionate and caring home with someone who understands Puppy Mill dogs.

For our sweet Indigo came from a puppy mill and never learned to “dog it” yet. Indigo may take some time to get used to his new surroundings. Once he has warmed up and feels safe, he will be a very lovable companion.  Indigo is happiest when he is cuddling next to his human and getting all the belly rubs.

He is still working on his basic commands and leash training. Indigo would do best with someone who has time to work on these things with him and help me learn.

Indigo gets along with other dogs!!

Since our sweet boy gets scared of loud noises and the zooming of children it does scare him (zero aggression!! He just hides.)  It would be best for our sweet boy to have a quiet home to help our little man gain his confidence!

 He has not been around cats but with his low-key drive, we think he should be fine.

Indigo loves his foster dog brother and laying on the bed with him getting confidence tips from him!

He is great in his crate and has discovered TOYS!!!!!!!

Our sweet Indigo needs someone experienced in shy and sweet Aussies: preferably puppy mill dogs.

Indigo is a lover at heart and with consistency, patience and a forever home dedicated to him, you will have a lovebug for life!

Indigo is neutered, up to date on vaccinations of Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. He has been Heartworm tested (negative) and Fecal treated.

Indigo is also Micro-chipped and takes monthly preventatives for heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.

Indigo is being fostered in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  His adoption fee is $390.00.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m inquiring about Indigo. Last week we had to say goodbye to one of our Aussie’s. I want to share with you my story I posted about him …

    I rescued Bing roughly six and a half years ago. My ex-wife made me split up Moxie and Milo. I kept Milo (I got Moxie back a couple years later) and he had never been by himself. I wasn’t quite looking to adopt a senior dog when I started looking. Milo was three and full of energy. I was sure he needed someone closer to his age. However, one ad really stood out to me.

    There was this extremely shy dog that just turned eight that had been waiting two years to be adopted. He had been adopted before but returned the same day because going to a dog park with strangers was just too much for him within the first hour and he hid in the corner. The ad said he needed a patient owner without kids and would thrive being paired with a confident dog. This fit us well.

    I went through the process–testimonials from friends, paperwork, onsite visit, etc. After a couple weeks I was cleared and I took Milo with me to visit this shy other dog on a farm.

    Milo and Bing didn’t really hit it off. They sniffed each other and then Bing wandered off in one direction while Milo was interested in the horses in the other direction. I didn’t consider this a loss though. They weren’t at odds. (Bing would later pick up much of Milo’s mannerisms.)

    I offered Bing some treats and he took them from me on the first try. The foster person said he’d never done that before with someone. Bing was still very scared, but apparently not as much with me as with others. I was told that Bing was very likely abused before she got him as a foster. I was touched by his story and decided to give him a forever home.

    It took a few weeks for Bing to stop hiding under the table and come out while I was around. I was very patient. I let him come out on his own time. You could see the hurt in his eyes. Someone took his youth away, but I was bound to give it back to him.

    Over the years Bing really started to come into his own. I taught him tricks. I took him on walks. I played with him even though he didn’t really know how to play. Playing came over time and you could slowly start seeing the puppy within him finally coming out, free to be his own self without repercussion.

    Most importantly that look of hurt in his eyes was slowly replaced by some of the most soulful, sweet, and loving looks you have ever seen. Everyone that met him quickly said he was their favorite and I could see why.

    Wednesday we had to say goodbye to this sweet boy. I’m really sorry the first half of his life was horrible. He deserved more. Much more. I consider myself lucky to have gotten to know him and earned his trust and affection.

    I miss you, Bing. I love you. Rest well. No one will ever hurt you again.

    I wanted to share that whole story with you to show the impact rescuing an Aussie has had on our lives and how serious we take the responsibility of saving a life. My wife found your page about Indigo and we both feel we might be the forever home he needs. We don’t have kids either.

    Is Indigo still looking for rescue?

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