This beautiful girl is a Black Tri Australian Shepherd born on August 16, 2016. She weights 38 lbs. She is a high drive dog requiring lots of exercise.

Macy is quite the little lady, with not only advanced training : she knows sit, down, wait, leave it, come, off, kisses, here, no bark, paw, roll over, play dead, beep- she backs up. OK is her release word for a power, and Macy for a more calm release. She knows, go get your ball, go get your bone: when she leaves it in the yard. She knows go find your leash. We use No maam, and Ut oh for corrections, the first is stronger. She knows kennel up, get in your puff (bed). She sits to get her nails ground, and gets a treat per foot. But this girl is a sporty girl too!

Macy has been in class once to twice a week since she was 8 weeks old! Macy has a book a tiles from competing in agility. She has 1 leg of her open standard title, and 2 legs of her excellent jumpers title. If you’re not impressed yet keep reading!

This sweetheart loves all people. Macy is near sighted (confirmed from ophthalmologist) so if you are far away she may bark, but once close, she is super duper friendly!!Macy is a very happy, well rounded girl that most people just fall in love with!

Macy has been loved her whole life and taken care of like the princess she is. 

Macy needs to be the only female dog in the home. But she is fine with female dogs outside the home. Just as long as when she goes home she is Princess Macy!

She is GREAT with male dogs in the home and will do terrific having a male canine companion who is her size or larger in the home.

She is great in the car but uses a booster (car seat) to see out the window. Owner may consider giving this to adopter.

Is it a rare find to have such a talented girl, who is also so extremely well trained, come into rescue. And Miss Macy also has likes to have fun! At home, if something is in her path she will just “jump” over it instead of going around….lol! She will also do the zoomies but stops to see if you are looking! Macy, you little show off!

In a nut shell you will not find a better trained, more beautiful girl that is looking for an active family. Macy also has so much love to offer!!!

Macy is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations of Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and Canine Influenza. Macy has also been heartworm tested (negative) and is Micro-chipped. Macy takes monthly preventatives every month of the year for heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.

Macy loves children but might accidentally knock down a small child with her exuberant energy. Macy has not been around cats.

Macy is located in the St.Louis area where she is a Courtesy Posting. All applications must come through CARS.

Her adoption fee is $250.00 but please visit our website at and read our FAQ’s to make sure you are a candidate. If you are, we urge you to complete an adoption application (also found on the website) for we only do meet and greets with approved applicants.

6 thoughts on “Macy!!!

  1. We have had 3 Aussies and lost Blue last July. Can you tell me where Macy is located?
    And is there information on why she is up for adoption. What a beautiful girl!

    1. Hi Dianne –

      Did you read her bio?
      Macy must be the only female dog in the house, which is why unfortunately she is up for adoption. It also states in her Bio where she is being fostered, the St.Louis, MO area.
      The CARS Team

    2. Hi Drew –

      Macy needs to be the only female dog in the home. She is GREAT with ALL dogs out the home. We have not confirmed if Miss Macy Princess will be there Sunday yet.

      Thank you so much!

      The CARS Team

  2. Will Macy be at the adoption event on Sunday? We are very interested. We lost our 14 year old Rottweiler mix about 6 months ago and our 3 year old Aussie would love a companion.

    1. Hi Sue –

      Please read her bio for Macy must be the only female in the home, Princess Macy. But she does GREAT with females outside of the home. Macy will be at our adoption event Sunday! We will see you there!
      The CARS Team

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