Maverick, one of the sweetest and smartest Aussies around. He’s the definition of a Gentle Giant. He’s a standard size Aussie – weighing in at 62 pounds – but don’t bother telling him he’s not a lap dog. He wouldn’t believe it!

Maverick is 2 years old. He’s fully grown but in full Aussie fashion has the spunk and energy of a young pup. He loves to play with tennis and bouncy balls in the house, and also loves a good chew toy or bone. He’s a heavy chewer but hasn’t shown any destructive tendencies. He could be great with a Frisbee with some practice. He gets along well with his Aussie siblings but also enjoys quiet time. He’s okay with cats. He loves being brushed and bathed.

After completing some ITC, Intensive Country Training, he is ready to do meet and greets and find that perfect family!

In his prior life, Maverick lived outside tied up. He’s adapted well to being an indoor dog and loves being part of a human pack. He’s house trained and will let you know when it’s time to go outside. He’s kennel trained, both in the house and car as needed. He’s still refining his house manners such as receiving guests and keeping his nose off the kitchen counter, but has quickly picked up leash walking skills as well as commands Sit, Heel, Paw/Shake, Place, and Leave It. He’s up for any challenge and responds well to consistent training (and LOVES training treats!).

Let’s go back a minute, if we could, when I lived outside with no direction, and a little scared to trust people, no human companion or no idea how to dog-it! Since being in rescue I have learned so much. But for me to be the best Aussie ever I need a strong handler who has Australian Shepherd experience, preferably one with rescue experience. I’m not a bad boy! I just missed out on a lot and that makes me scared sometimes.

Maverick is a big dog with big energy. He needs a large fenced-in area and a consistent, challenging exercise regimen to get his wiggles out. Daily long walks or runs (2 miles+), ATV runs, and splashing in the creek are all ideal. He’s good around larger animals (donkeys, mules) and would love life on a farm, or in a quiet household with a single person or couple. No kids, please.

Maverick requires slow introductions to new dogs and adults, as busy situations make him nervous. He takes time to warm up to people as he didn’t get one-on-one attention before coming to CARS and needs a patient family that can give him a little space. Once he’s sized you up, he’ll Velcro himself to you and never look back!

Maverick is up-to-date on his age-appropriate vaccinations and has been fecal tested (negative), heart-worm tested (negative), micro-chipped and neutered. He takes monthly preventatives for heart-worm prevention and flea/tick prevention. Maverick is being fostered in Cuba, Missouri.

Maverick’s adoption fee is $225.00

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