Puppy Frankie!

All puppies have the wow factor! Then you meet Frankie (and Sophie), Mini Australian Shepherd/Mini Poodle PUPPIES.

Momma is a Mini Australian Shepherd and Daddio is a Mini Poodle, (we are certain of this) and had a DNA test to be absolutely sure.

From the day they were born, on November 20, 2019, we were blessed with the most endearing, funny, sweet, charismatic and gorgeous puppies one could only dream of!

When we took their mommy into the rescue, we had no idea she was expecting, what a surprise we received!

Since being born Frankie (and Sophie) has given us so much joy to the foster home and the rescue! Showing us such incredible happy personalities!

They never fuss except to let you know it’s time to eat, hehe! They sleep through the night, love their playtime and have started engaging in positive adventures. 

They love to run, play, enjoy being around the family and giving/receiving lots of kisses and attention. They are truly magnificent puppies.

These two pups are little whiz kids and their possibilities are endless in the right forever home!

Frankie (and Sophie) will only be considered for those serious adopters/applicants, please.

You must have the time, commitment, patience and understanding of the breed and a plan for your puppy to adulthood.

We strongly guess their adult weight will be 20-25 pounds. 

Both Sophie and Frankie are being fostered in Saint Louis, Missouri. Please review our FAQ’S on our website. We do have a radius of adoption.

They are up to date on their age-appropriate puppy vaccinations. Please discuss with CARS on their Puppy Vaccination schedule.

The adoption fee for each puppy is $525.00.

2 thoughts on “Puppy Frankie!

    1. Frankie was adopted in February.
      We currently do not have any available dogs.
      Thank you.
      The CARS Team

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