Will you be my Velcro?

Meet Bosley! He wants you to know that he’s available for adoption and has so much love and affection to give that he’s not sure what to do with it all! His signature move is to melt at your feet while getting pets and love in return.

Bosley is a spunky, 2-year-old Blue Merle weighing in around 65 pounds. He’s a big ball of fluff (when his fur fills in again), with a heart equally as big. He’s a true Velcro dog: he’ll go everywhere with you and love every minute of it. He’s also content at times by himself while chewing on a bone. He’s great around other dogs and older children. He’s being fostered in a busy household with three teenagers and two other Aussies. We haven’t seen him around cats.

Bosley was raised on a farm but seems better suited for indoor life. He likes to jump on the sofa and snuggle, and also loves being bathed and brushed. He enjoys his daily walks and the chance to show off his Aussie swagger, and also is quick to jump in the car for a ride.

Bosley knows “sit” and “kennel,” and he’s house-trained and crate-trained. He’ll happily go in his crate while you’re away during the day. He needs a fenced yard as rabbits and squirrels are awfully tempting to chase.

He’s up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations and has been fecal-tested (negative), micro-chipped, and neutered.

Bosley’s adoption fee is $325. He’s being fostered in the St. Louis area.

18 thoughts on “Bosley!

    1. Hi, Bobbie. Unfortunately, yes Maryland is too far. We’re based in St. Louis and all adopters must live within a two-hour driving distance. Thank you for looking and good luck in your search for a furry companion!

  1. We recently lost my all time special aussie. We do still have a 1-1/2 year old spayed beautiful tri black. We have had a total of 5 Aussies. Only having one just doesn’t seem right. We (my husband and I) have a fenced back yard and live only 10 minutes from a great dog park. We also have references.

  2. Hi! He seems like exactly what our family is searching for! I would love to meet Bosley! If we are willing to travel, can you explain to me the reason for the 2 hour radius policy? We live in Ohio and are sad we can’t apply for him! Thank you for any info you can share.

    1. Hi, Jennifer. Thank you for looking! Bosley is a true sweetheart. As you saw, we have our two-hour driving distance rule, and while sad in some cases we don’t make exceptions. It’s for everyone’s protection – both the Aussie’s and yours. Good luck in your search for a furry companion!

  3. Hi Sarah! Is the Bloomington/Normal, IL area too far? Extremely interested in Bosley! I have lots of Aussie experience.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Ashley! Interest in Bosley has been extremely high and he has several Meet and Greets set for this weekend. We aren’t taking any more applications for him at this time. Let me clarify the 2-hour statement. The adopter must be within a 2-hour driving distance from the Aussie in question. Most of our fosters are in the St. Louis area but some are in Columbia or Kansas City.

    1. Hi, Lisa! Yes, we have your application on file. Great to hear from you! There’s been a lot of interest in Bosley and he’s got several positive Meet and Greets set up at this time. His placement is expected to be made after this weekend. We’re terribly sorry but we aren’t setting up any more Meet and Greets at this time. Please sneak a peak at the Coming Soon section of our web site if you haven’t already. There are several more Aussies that will be posted soon. They’re still being evaluated and observed personality-wise. The only information available about them at this time is what’s noted on the site. Thank you!

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