How to Adopt

Step 1: Educate yourself

Your interested in an Australian Shepherd? We are too! We think they are wonderful, beautiful, versatile dogs. But they are also high energy and high intelligence, which doesn’t agree with every household. Read more about the breed, their needs, and the reasons we love them so much.

Step 2: Review our Aussies available for adoption

We have many types of dogs for adoptions. Male; female. Purebreds and mixed breeds. Some are cute fluffy puppies. Some are a bit older, with more experience (and often already housebroken, obedience trained, less excess energy, etc). Sometimes a certain pretty face also has a story behind it. Review our Aussies available for adoption and discuss if they are the right match for your household. Or, if you don’t see one that quite fits, think about your ideal companion and we can see if there’s another not listed on the website yet that works for you. New Aussies come in every day, unfortunately, each with his or her own personality and characteristics.

You can also check our Facebook page and upcoming events page for opportunities around the area to meet our dogs in person.

Step 3: Fill out an application

Filling out an application is the really the first step in your adoption process. The application is never binding, but gives us the majority of information we will need to know to pick our your perfect companion. You can fill out the form online or download the pdf and email it to

Step 4: Review process

When we receive your application, our coordinators will review it and forward to the appropriate foster home. Our foster parents know the dogs better than anyone. They will call your references, and speak with you about your household. If there is no specific dog you are interested in, our coordinators will handle the review process. The review process can take several days or even a week, depending on schedules. We are all volunteers with busy schedules.

Step 5: Introductions

Once it’s determined you are a good fit for adoption, we will invite you to meet one or more available dog. This is a chance for you to see them in person, but also for us to see how our dogs do with you, your family, and any other companion animals already in your home. We want everyone to be happy with the arrangement.


You’ve found your new companion! Congratulations! The final step of the process is filling out the adoption agreement. There is an adoption fee with each adoption, which helps us offset the cost of fostering and medical procedures. Amounts are based on the age of the adoptable dog:

Puppies under 11 months: $450

Dogs 1 year to 7 years: $400

Dogs over 8 years: $300 or as listed

Dogs (any age) with medical needs: as listed

All puppy adoptions include age-appropriate shots up until time of adoption, as well as dewormer, spay/neuter and microchip. All adult dog adoptions include (at minimum) vaccinations for rabies, distemper/parvo 5-way, bordetella, microchip, spay/neuter, blood panel to check for heartworm and other illnesses like tick-diseases, fecal and dewormer. New families will also receive a collar with their new companion, a bag of food to help transition them, and preventatives for the month.

A copy of the adoption agreement can be downloaded for your records here.

Central Aussie Rescue & Support is committed to providing services for all stages of a pet’s life. We offer a family of Aussie-enthusiasts to consult with behavioral questions, online assistance information, tips on pet training, etc.

And make sure to check out our Supplies and Tips for Your New Best Friend, to make sure you are prepared to welcome a new family member.