Casey is a fun and affectionate Australian Shepherd who is as happy chasing squeaky toys as she is chilling on the couch. She had her fourth birthday in April, is totally house trained, and weighs about 50 pounds — though […]



Meet Buddy, our handsome, energetic 2-year-old Blue Merle, 62lbs. and neutered Hi, I’m Buddy! Hey, my name is Buddy. Oh, sorry, did I repeat myself? I just get excited kind of easily. So, like I said, my name is Buddy […]



Maverick is back! After completing some ITC, Intensive Country Training, he is ready to do meet and greets again and find that perfect family! Maverick, one of the sweetest and smartest Aussies around. He’s the definition of a Gentle Giant. He’s a […]



Meet Bailey, our sweet and laid-back 7 year old Black Tri Aussie, weighing in at 75 pounds! Dear forever home, I’ve had a different start to life than most puppies. The first seven years of my life were spent outside. […]